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Getting a Reading

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When you are getting a reading, it is important that you are feeling good about yourself. You should not have your emotions all over the place. When I say this, it means, do not be upset, angry, anxious, stressed-out, crying, etc. Emotions play a big role when you get a reading. When you are emotional the outcome of your reading may not be what you want to hear.

Something that helps when you are about to get a reading, is to eat a banana an hour before your reading. The potassium in the banana tends to open you up and act as a conduit. ** Please do not take this recommendation if you should be allergic to bananas. **

If you try to play ‘trick the psychic’ in your eyes, it may work, but, you are the one that will suffer because of this. I was doing a reading for someone and they asked me about their brother. The person asked about his truck. I saw that he was going to sell his truck and get another vehicle and the person did not respond to what I had said. Later on, she had written that she tested me, and that I was right about his truck.

I will not answer something on demand. For example: What does he/she look like? What color is my car? Where do I live? There are certain things that will come to me and if it is the look of a person, look of a car, the color of a house, I will say so. I will not answer questions that are to test me and I will tell you that.

I work best when I just say what I see, and then your questions are asked. The end result, to get the best for your reading, be OPEN and HONEST and you will have the best results for your reading. As the saying goes, “Honesty is the BEST policy.”

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