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What My Clients Say About Me

I have had many clients over the years, and several of them wanted to share their experiences:

 Denise has predicted so many things for me. It's hard to just write a few of these and choose which ones were the most significant to me. Denise told me many years ago I would travel to Florida, not have a great time, and be anxious to get home. I thought she was totally off. Nope, I ended up in Florida, and could not wait to get home again.

 Then she told me my family would be mourning in August. It happened.

 I emailed Denise a photo of my (then) two year old grandson and she told me (when I called her later) that he would be a famous magician when he grew up. I laughed. He is now 31 months old and when I saw him last week he was showing me his 'magic tricks'. I had not told anyone about this, it seemed too silly. I now know what to buy him on his next birthday.

 Denise then told me that she saw a drowning around my family that too happened, with good results, all was fine.

 Then Denise told me something I totally wrote off. Denise said I would meet a man who lived out of state, he would be my age, he would be tall, and he would be a good man. Denise got many details but the strongest was that he would be a Taurus. This I could not believe. I actually said "Ok girl this time you are totally off". Well it happened about 28 months later. I met a man, had forgotten her predictions until after many weeks, he mentioned he was a Taurus. He was out of state, tall, and all the details fit. I called her to tell her and Denise just snickered at me. I am now married to this man. And he is a Taurus through and through.

 Another prediction that has come to pass has to do for when you read for my friend Susan. You saw someone in her life getting ill and dying pretty quickly and it was a man. Denise couldn't figure it out at the time, but now knows who it is. One of the men she works for has had leukemia for a long time, but it was in remission. Well, it's not anymore and has spread everywhere and he is going downhill very fast. It freaked Susan out at how accurate your predictions are. So far, she is handling everything okay.

 Clients become friends. It just happens. That makes it tough for me to see anything negative for them, but I see it anyhow and always tell them. One day I was looking at a photograph of a girlfriend, we had become close friends over the six years I had been reading for her. I could see her in a wheelchair. I called to tell her and she was naturally upset. About a year later she called me to tell me that she had broken her ankle, had surgery and could only be mobile using a wheelchair. Thank goodness it was only temporary.

 Denise told me that she saw me working on the internet and two months later, I was working on

 Denise also told me that I would marry an Aries, he would have 2 kids, either be divorced or going through a divorce and wear a uniform. A year later I met the guy and am married to him today. Exactly how Denise told me.

 Denise had asked me if I got a crystal ball and I had got one that weekend.

 Denise told me the guy I was dating was hiding something. He sure was, he was married, and he had lied to me that he was not.

 My first reading with Denise was almost a decade ago. I was stunned by her accuracy and her ability to deliver the truth regardless of the outcome or issues at hand. I learned that intelligent decisions cannot be made and life changes cannot happen if you don’t have the truth. A God-gifted psychic, Denise is not only able to guide and enlighten you but provide you with the details necessary to learn, prosper and be happy with your life and the person you are.

 In late summer of 2003, I called Denise for a reading. After two, failed marriages, I did not believe that another marriage was possible. I had made the personal decision that a future marriage was not an option available to me. I had called Denise regarding some family issues and work-related questions. I was caught off guard when Denise started to describe a third marriage. In all honesty, I thought maybe Denise was having an “off” day. The more Denise told me regarding this “new husband”, the more skeptical I became. I remember actually laughing out loud. Denise described my “husband” as someone out of my past that I knew many, many years ago. Denise said he was a fire sign, an Aries. I explained that in my entire life, I only dated one Aries. I advised that the sign did not mesh with my sensitive, Pisces personality. I even told Denise, “I’m sorry, but I could never, would never marry an Aries”. Denise said, “You will contact each other on-line, a dating site. “ Denise advised that it would be an extremely short courtship and we would then marry and purchase a home. This was all supposed to happen within the next 3 months, meeting this man, marriage and a new home. (I love Denise dearly, but I thought, this lady needs a vacation.)

 In October of 2003, I met Patrick, again. We had dated twenty years ago. He found me on a dating site that I had recently signed up on. Patrick and I had one date that lasted 3 days. I met his family again the following week over dinner. We purchased a new home in November 2003. We were married December 18, 2003. As Denise predicted, I am happier than I have ever been my whole life.

 Denise’s predictions have always been amazingly accurate. Whether it is predictions concerning world events or her reading that mentioned we would purchase a new vehicle. Denise even told me when I would adopt another dog and described him in detail!

 Denise is an integral part of my life. Denise is a part of me. Denise always tells the truth and has lived through my happy and difficult times.

 Another life-changing prediction that comes to mind, or should I say, a life saving prediction was a call I received from Denise one afternoon. I had not talked to her for several months. I had suffered from depression all my life and had hit an all time low. I had not told anyone of my plans that evening. In all honesty, I had planned to cut my wrists that evening in a warm bath. All my legal papers were in order. I had said my goodbyes in a subtle way to all I loved. I was ready to go.

 Denise called that afternoon three times and left messages to call her back. It was urgent that she speak with me. I called her back because I wanted to thank her for all she had done for me. Denise‘s first words were, “You are not killing yourself in that bathtub”! I was silent; I did not know what to say. We had a long talk that afternoon. Denise saved my life. No one else knew my plans. Denise with all of her love, kindness and open heart-literally gave me back my life. At that point, Denise became part of me. No one else on this earth will ever know me like she does.

 Once in a lifetime you might meet a lady like Denise. Most of us do not have that opportunity. If you have found Denise’s site consider yourself blessed. You will never again meet anyone like her.

 The night before my interview with Michael at the bank, Denise told me he was going to stare at me and never break eye contact and that it would be very intense. Well, he did and it was. The funny thing was, the one time I broke eye contact, he turned around to see what I was looking at.

 Denise predicted that Nancy would get a raise above her normal 3% and she did.

 Denise predicted this job through the college at the hospital for me; it just came 2 years later.

 Denise predicted I would be coming into a large amount of money in the amount of around $10,000. I applied for a loan and am approved for $15,000 and didn't correlate the two until well after the fact.

 Denise picked up on abuse that my brothers did to me when I was little, all without one word from me.

 Denise has picked up on all my trips, well before I knew I was even going on them.

 In June, Denise predicted I would have to go off of the medicine I was on and try another and that it would work – she was correct. Denise said I will be stabilized by September, which I have no doubt she was correct, mainly because of how I feel now.

 I spoke with Denise about a blind date I was going on. Denise said I'd have a great time and laugh a whole lot BUT there would be something with or about his teeth I would have issues with. I was like WHAT? Where the heck did that come from? Sure enough, I met the man who I NEVER saw in person prior and he smiled and had a mouth full of yellowing crooked teeth! I sure LAUGHED but not just at his teeth, lol. I was absolutely blown away ... how could one pick up on the most absurd details and nail it like that. The rest of the prediction was eerily accurate as well. I laughed ALOT and had a great time, but well, the teeth sealed the deal, only saw him a few times after that which was predicted as well. Still, was a great date and an absolutely wonderful reading!

 I have been speaking to Denise for over 5 years and believe me she is amazing! She has predicted hundreds of things that have passed with vivid details on how the prediction would take place. Most of her predictions have happened within seconds and there was one that happened not too long ago that she predicted 2 years ago. Denise's ability goes beyond anyone I have spoken too and believe me I have spoken to many. Anyone who has a reading with Denise should expect the unexpected, this talented woman PREDICTS actual events in your life as she sees them happening and within time they will happen exactly as she says.

 For example, I asked Denise about a certain someone and she said "All I see is clothes flying and then your looking at pictures" I thought no way, that will never happen. Two weeks later, clothes were flying and then we were looking at pictures from Hawaii just exactly how she said it would happen.

 Another time, Denise predicted that she saw one of my kids getting stitches and again I put doubt into what she said, and not 10 minutes later I am calling her back on my way to the hospital because my son was skateboarding without a helmet.

 It doesn't matter if you believe or not, Denise is extremely talented and her accuracy will amaze you! She can ease your mind and leave your mouth dropping all at the same time. She is kind and will do everything she can to really look deep into your situation. I must admit that Denise cares more about a great reading than money itself. I will always be grateful for Denise because she really has made a difference in my life.

 When Denise read for me on Friday, the 25th of August, 2006, regarding my Criminal Justice internship that night and Saturday night, she told me the following:

 1) I would definitely be seeing a dead body;

 2) Friday night would definitely be a busy one;

 3) Saturday night would probably be slower;

 4) I would be placed with a male police officer and he would be a bit reckless;

 5) I would love it and be very stimulated by it.

 She was right on all the above. I saw a dead body at the scene of a car accident, where the individuals inside were racing and literally wrapped it around a tree. One died on the scene (the one I saw) and one died later at the emergency room.

 Friday night was definitely busy - we had back to back calls of varying degrees. Obviously, the car accident was the worst.

 Saturday was much slower than Friday night and not the same kind of action.

 I was placed with a male police officer and he was most definitely reckless. The very first call was for a car accident. He turned his sirens and lights on and went from zero to sixty in about 6 to 7 seconds. We turned from one street onto another going much too fast to take a turn. That combined with the heavy downfall of rain resulted in the police car turning 180 degrees. We ended up side ways in the road. At that time, he looked at me and said, "I should probably tell you now that I'm not a very good driver."

 The next close call came when we were going to a house alarm to check it out. He was following a fellow police officer very closely at about 50 mph. The light turned red, the police officer in front of us stopped, and the police officer I was with was typing on his computer and not looking. I pointed because I knew if I said something it would be loud and startle him. He looked up, slammed on the brakes, and once again, we ended up side ways in the road. Those were the major impacts that got me.

 I did LOVE it and it was very stimulating. Every time he turned on the lights and sirens and we would go from zero to sixty, sometimes, seventy and eighty in about 6 to 7 seconds, my body surged with adrenaline. It's such a rush and after awhile, I began to vocalize my excitement with a loud, "whoop!" The police officer would just laugh :)

 All in all, complete and total accuracy that is absolutely amazing, not to mention, priceless. Had I not known I was going to see a dead body, I could not have prepared as thoroughly as I did knowing beforehand -- and let me tell you, at the scene of an accident, it's totally different seeing a dead body then in a funeral home.

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